Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Long overdue again

Things have been busy since my post yet another month ago - time flys. I short order I got pneumonia again and was hospitalized, my sister got married, I turned 35, and finally got the Internet going in the new house.

Medically speaking I have several doctor appointments coming up to deal with my worsening paralysis and get a handle on a new problem - uncontrollable shakes/chills. Hopefully the later is nothing serious and not related to the radiation side effects or cancer crap.

I have dusted off my camera again and have some pictures of the little z's to share. The kids are doing great. Alex is still working on potty training and getting into everything that isn't his. Lee has begun basketball and Dave is helping coach his team. Charlotte finished cheerleading and her squad won 1st place in a competition at the University of MD.

My little z's are not so little anymore.