Sunday, April 26, 2009

April gone already?

I can't believe we are nearing the end of April already. Since my last hospital stay I got back into therapy and into the new swing of things out on Kent Island. I had made such great progress before my last pneumonia and I am trying to get back there after the time away. It is so completely frustrating - two steps forward one step backwards. (you totally notice that a lot of sayings are related to walking when you can't walk anymore)

They began working on the new house last week. I am very excited to move into a completely accessible home. I like our rental and it is light years better than the house in Silver Spring, but I can't wait for all the great things to come with the new digs.

My new oncologist is changing things up a bit with how we track the remission of my cancer. He follows people with CT's and not PET scans........this is making me nervous. They are more than happy to give me a PET if I want but it is up to me. I really don't relish doing the PET scan now that I am unable to walk but I like the security of knowing if anything is active. I will figure out soon how to move forward. Michele said get the scan if I won't be able to sleep - I think she has a point. My new oncologist is however giving me the green light to get all my immunizations updated plus allowing the kids to get all there missing shots. We are all seriously behind and I am nervous since there has been an outbreak of measles. My new doc also suggests testing something in my blood that measure my immune system and if it is low give me IVIG therapy. This might be a reason why I keep getting pneumonia and the drip could get me on the path to fighting bugs off better. Of course we would have to see if insurance will cover it.

Dave is out of town and gearing up for a very busy month of travelling this May. Charlotte learned how to ride her 2 wheel bike and she and Lee are all over the development riding bikes. Alex has a scooter and follows them everywhere. Of course I packed up my camera but I will use Lee's camera and post some pictures soon.

Friday, April 3, 2009

We moved and a trip to the ER

We made it! The move was painful but we made it to the other side and are now in Kent Island, MD. The rental home is better for me then the old house in Silver Spring. I can sleep in a real bed, use the shower, get in and out of the house with the use of a ramp, and finally got my hand controls in the car.

Life was rolling along wonderfully Sunday; sunny day, new place, taking walks with the kids. Then Monday morning I drove up to therapy (first time driving myself) and ended up with a fever and an ambulance ride to the Hopkins ER. I was admitted back to my home away from home with pneumonia and stayed there until Thursday.

I am back in our place. I am still tired and feeling a bit worn down but happy to be out of the hospital.

Life is such a roller coaster.