Thursday, September 3, 2009

Next steps

We have a plan to get me back into therapy and hopefully on the path to walking again one day. I will have my cancer check up on September 19 - please pray with me that it is all good news and the cancer is still gone. After the green light is given from the cancer docs I will have an MRI to see the state of the radiation damage then a dose of Avastin. All this should get wrapped up in September and then I will begin therapy in October. My parents are helping us foot the bill until we get more visits from insurance in the new year. Don't even ask how much paying for therapy costs out of pocket - it is outrageous.

If Dave and I were not blessed with such supportive family continuing therapy would not be an option. I am so thankful and pissed off at the same time........I began to type the laundry list of things that upsets me about my current situation and it just went on for too long. I stopped and deleted. I cannot live my life being upset about my current situation. Dave and I always talk about how we have to try to stay positive and focus on moving forward. When the bad news comes it is hard to remember the positive and then when you least expect it the kids put everything in perspective -

Driving home today I told the kids how happy I was when we are all together and how much I miss them when we are apart. Lee chimed in mom you are never alone. I responded yes I am when I am stuck in the yucky hospital without all of you. He said no mom god is always with you so you are never alone.

He is so right and I feel better already.