Thursday, September 27, 2007

What a weekend!

I am back home, off the job, and on oxygen support. It all started last week with me feeling bad then snowballed into a visit to the ER. My O2 counts are down again and I have to sport the oxygen tanks all the time. I feel like crap and I am hoping the oxygen will help turn things around soon.

I am trying to get in to see a pulmonologist but they must be the rock stars of medicine because it is nearly impossible to get an appointment. I am waiting on my oncologist to pull some strings and get me in before November - yep November is the earliest I could manage.

I don't have pneumonia so that is good news. However I am worried about what exactly is causing my breathing to be in the toilet.......again this is where a lung specialist comes in.

I am actually pretty worn out and discouraged. I can't take much more of this sickness and I need a break from playing the patient. I am sure Dave and the kids are just as sick and tired of all this crap.....we just need me to be 100% again. Something I have no clue will ever happen again. Depressing to say the least.

Good news is my sister is home and in town for almost the entire month. So I have some help when Dave is out of town. Thank god for family.

Monday, September 24, 2007

We had a good weekend. Lee and Charlotte both started soccer so we have that filling up Saturdays. I also finally talked them into attending Sunday school and they had fun. Alex had no problem going to the nursery so Dave and I enjoyed church service in peace and quite. It feels good to be back at Church - it has been a while since I have been sick. I am hoping to get the kids baptized this fall. I just need to make the classes.

Dave is going out of town for a week and my sister is coming to stay with me. The kids and I are really excited to have her back in town and moving to the USA. They already want to take the train to NYC to visit her once she gets a place.

Alex is almost walking. He is taking about 5 steps and can get to a standing position from just sitting on the floor. I doubt it will be much longer before he is walking everywhere and getting into even more stuff.

Medically my sinus infection is still hanging out. I stopped my IV antibiotics so I am waiting to see if it gets worse. Hopefully not and it just goes away soon. I am done with doctors.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Delay in surgery

Yep they called of the sinus surgery due to my crappy lungs. I can't say I am disappointed I was dreading the surgery and recovery time. Since the cancellation I have spent 2 full days with doctors, nurses, technicians and I still don't have the final say on my lungs. I did get all my pulmonary function tests done today at the hospital so we have progress. Now I just need the pulmonologist to clear me to have surgery. I am hoping that my infection will clear up by then and I will be done with the whole shabang!

We had wonderful weather here in DC so Dave and I spent the time doing stuff outside with the house and kids. We spent the night down at my mom's and Dave and I got to go out. We also saw Dave's grandmother who is in town for her 85th birthday. The kids are very excited to celebrate her birthday next weekend. I think they are itching for some cake. But I must admit I have created party hounds. They love the balloons, cake, decorations, and even making the invitations.

Once I get this infection taken care of I should be able to enjoy a nice relaxing fall. The next PET isn't until so November so I hopefully I can get a break from the whole cancer sickness routine all together.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I haven't found the time to post with my new schedule. Once I get home and finish taking care of the kids I go straight to bed. No time to ramble on about my medical issues or the little z's anymore.

My medical stuff is the same. My counts dropped pretty low but the are on the slow rebound. Enough to avoid a bone marrow biopsy! Anything to avoid a biopsy in my book. I am scheduled for my surgery this Friday and I am currently taking my IV antibiotics at home. I am tired but what is new.

Alex is taking about 3-4 steps but not walking. Maybe in the next month he will let go and walk all the time. I have mixed feelings about this - knowing Alex he will find more stuff to get into as a walker.

Charlotte is now the oldest in her preschool. Unlike Leland who loved the attention from all the younger kids at preschool Charlotte is annoyed. She wants to play with and whomever she wants and not be disturbed. She also talks about being a teachers helper.......I think she desires to be in kindergarten more than Lee. When he gets on the bus in the morning she always talks about how she will run on the bus when it is her turn to go to school.

Lee is doing great in kindergarten. He has made friends in his class and on the bus. He loves his teacher and desperately wants to learn how to read. Amazingly he will begin to get homework this October. They definitely don't waste time with kindergarten's serious and not nap/snack hour like I was accustomed too.

Dave is in town this week but gone again next. The business is doing good I assume. Now that I go straight to bed and he is traveling alot we mainly see/hang out on the weekends. I will post more after my surgery.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Busy week

It was definitely a busy week for all of us. Lee had a great first week of school. He loves his teacher and has made a couple of little friends. He was nervous about the bus on the first day and actually ran the other way when it pulled up. But with Dave's help he got on and rode off to school. He loves the bus now and pesters me to no end in the morning about not being late.

Alex's had a good first birthday. He was tired and barely made it through his cake. We blew up a ton of balloons and put then all over the basement for him to play with. He had the entire (local) family over for his 1st party. He is taking step and we guess will be walking in the next couple of weeks.

I am back at work part time. My co workers are great and the transition back has been good. I am pretty exhausted when I get home but hopefully my energy level will pick up the longer I do this.

Medically my ENT and Oncologist have decided that I should have sinus surgery. My sinus infection is still hanging out and won't go away. They will put me on IV antibiotics administered at home - then schedule the surgery for Sept. 14. I have talked to a ton of people that have had the surgery and it shouldn't be too bad. They say you are back to work about a week afterwards. It sucks I have to go out of work after just getting back but I just can't control everything can I!

Dave was in town the entire first week of school and back to work for me. He leaves tomorrow and I get my first taste of doing all this solo. Should be an interesting week. I will post pictures of Lee and Lex as soon as I get them downloaded.