Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dad's visit

My dad came to visit us last week. He took some pictures of the new house and kids. We should be in the new place after Labor Day.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Long overdue - bad news

I have been sitting on this bad news for awhile since it just sucks and I didn't even want to post. I got the results back from my June MRI. There is a new signal at my T2 level in my spine. My neurologist is not sure why and will need to rescan again this September. However, despite the risks of Avastin my neurologist has put it back on the table as an option to stop the spread of my symptoms. In addition, my sensory and motor exams were worse with my therapy doctor up at KKI.

All doctors involved want me back in therapy ASAP. Dave and I did one last ditch effort to appeal to his company for more physical therapy visits. They officially denied our request (again) last week leaving us to pick up the cost for therapy. Our disappointment towards this decision cannot even be expressed in words. If anyone would like to discuss with me why health care in our country needs to be overhauled drop me a line and I could argue my point for hours. It is horrifying that our health care system is based on employers and in the end Dave's employer decided what was best for me medically - and not doctors.

At this point we just need to move forward. My doctors and therapists are hopefully getting together to discuss the next steps, figuring out how much therapy will cost out of pocket, and if Avastin is needed.

Some more bad news I have seriously delayed telling everyone is that we discovered a cancerous lump on Miss Maple. The vet removed it and we decided against chemo. I emailed her pathology report to my old oncologist and he agreed that chemo wasn't a good course of action. The lump hasn't grown back so it is a good sign that they got it all with the surgery. She is in good spirits and health so pray to God this is behind us.

Enough of the bad news. I can be thankful that my cancer is still gone, the kids are healthy, and Dave has a job in this crappy economy.