Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Romans 15:4

For whatever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.

...........still hanging onto hope

Still waiting on Avastin

I am still waiting on my next treatment - insurance is dragging its feet approving this next round. Last I heard they want another 15 days to determine if they will approve it.

In the meantime, I made it back to therapy after 2 weeks away with my sickness and watching the sick kids. My therapist and I are trying to mount our case to get more therapy visits from insurance. Asking for experimental therapy (avastin) and more rehabilitation therapy at the same time might not be wise but it really just boils down to the fact that I need both so hopefully they will agree.

Until the insurance approves more therapy (pray to god) I will be taking a break to conserve visits for right after my avastin treatment. Since my therapist (and I) believe we get more results after the drip it is best to wait until then to kick therapy into high gear again. It is amazing to think that my insurance company believes I only need 30 physical therapy visits a year. That so doesn't cover what I need to walk again. Well I guess if I want to walk again in about 10 years. Even at this rate it will probably take 3 years..........I just need to keep praying for patience.

Although I will not be going to intense physical therapy 2 x's a week we have devised a plan so I won't be sitting on my butt watching it spread. I have ordered and received my own personal zapper, will be getting a stander, will enlist a local physical therapist to help with my strength training, and attend open gym in Baltimore 3 x's a week to ride the bike that zaps my muscles. So no vacation just a different approach. The therapists in Baltimore also mentioned they want to get me into a study so this whole insurance thing isn't an issue. Wouldn't that be marvelous.

The waiting game continues. I will keep you posted if anything changes.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Just about everyone in our household has been sick. It started with me. I was down for an entire week. Of course Dave was out of town and my mom and his parents had to come in to help out. Then Charlotte got hit with strep throat. Next up is Lee with strep throat - he is still home hanging out missing school. Dave had a bad cold while he was away. I am just waiting on Alex to get strep then we should be done. I have pretty much been stuck in the house sick or with sick kids for about 2 weeks. I am going crazy!

In the meantime, I am waiting on insurance to approve my next Avastin treatment. I am past due for the drip at this point and just waiting. I hate waiting on the final approval (pray it comes through). I am also past due on my MRI and PET Scan. Hopefully I can get back on track medically soon.

I have no clue where the month of Feb. went. We settle on the house next Thursday. Thank god we managed to sell our home in these bleak economic times. After we settle we can get the new house underway. Since the new home won't be finished until June we will rent back for one month and then move into an apartment for the remainder. The idea of moving twice is painful but this way the kids get to finish out their school year and then we make a clean break over the summer.

I am hoping to get back to therapy next week since I have missed so much with all this sickness. Hopefully I will have had the Avastin and therapy will bring some new cool movements.

Stay healthy.