Thursday, June 25, 2009

Insurance sucks!

So we are fighting with insurance for more therapy. We got denied any special exception and will have to fight insurance further and possibly do an appeal to the state of Maryland. It is amazing to think that they just lump a person with paraplegia in with everyone else. Wouldn't you think that a person like me would warrant more therapy than someone that sprained their ankle?

I am totally pissed, annoyed, and discouraged. If I do therapy at the rate the insurance company wants I will walk when hell freezes over.

I am going to stop blogging now so I don't write completely offensive things that could screw up more than just my therapy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June - can you believe it!

Amazing how quickly May passed by. June brings with it the end of therapy for me, the end of another school year for the kids, and one month closer to our new home. I cannot believe Charlotte has completed kindergarten, Lee will be headed to second grade, and Alex is going to turn 3.

No major plans for the summer. If you know me well you know I absolutely love the pool. This wheelchair crap makes going to the pool a big pain in the rear. I have figured out how to lift myself out of the pool but it is getting back into the chair all slippery that is a challenge. Additionally, I am pretty much limited to going swimming with Dave. It is kind of like being a child again and needing adult supervision. Hopefully all this strength training this summer will get me to the point so I can manage the pool on my own. Managing the pool with three kids alone is a whole different ball of wax. Unfortunately Alex didn't acquire a fear of water when I landed myself in a wheelchair so keeping him from drowning trumps my desire to swim.

My MRI got rescheduled for the end of the month. The test will let us know if the myelitis has finally run its course. Pray to God it has. The next hurdle is a couple more years out the entire thing can do damage again. Again pray to God I manage to skip that!

Will keep you update with any news.