Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Delay with the MRI - end of therapy?

My MRI got delayed until the beginning of June so I will update folks once that happens. Also my therapy days will come to an end at the end of May. We are submitting a request for more therapy days from the insurance company. Until the official request is submitted and we hear back from them I will be on a break. This totally sucks! I have been taking advantage of the pool up at therapy and have progressed to using a walker to do my loose interpretation of walking instead of parallel bars. I pray to god that everything works out and I can continue with therapy. I just have to believe that it will be temporary set back and I will be back on the path to walking again soon.

In the meantime I will begin some strength training locally to keep up my endurance and not loose any strength I have acquired. I will also have to make the trip to Baltimore for open gym time to ride the stimulation bike (they zap my leg muscles while the stationary bike moves the pedals). We are going to request a stim bike for home....hopefully insurance will cover it so I don't have to drive over 2 hours to ride a bike for 45 minutes.

A lot of things rest in the insurance companies hands right now and that makes me uneasy. I just have to keep my faith that it will all work out.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

No more Avastin?

I was scheduled to do the next round of Avastin today and then my neuro doc called. Supposedly they presented my case at some conference and ran across another doctor that has been using Avastin. According to the anecdotal evidence, that is very few and far between, they discovered that Avastin might have a risk of stroke and could cause more damage then good a lot sooner than they anticipated. So we canceled today's infusion and scheduled an MRI instead for Monday. My doctor would like to review the MRI and see if the inflammation is gone - if so we will stop doing the Avastin.

So a wait see again. I am grateful that they discovered this new info before anything bad happened to me. I will let everyone know what the MRI says.