Friday, April 23, 2010


Long time since my last post and we have been busy. I completed my latest round of therapy up in Baltimore and am doing my home program. It is pretty intense and takes up to 3 hours a day to complete.

I accomplished a big goal for me and our family - we flew to CA for spring break with the kids. One of the only perks of Dave's crazy travel schedule is free hotel rooms and plane we cashed in and took the kids to Disneyland, Palm Desert, and San Diego for spring break. We hooked up with my dad and stepmom at Disney and in the desert. Flying was a lot easier than I thought and now Dave and I feel confident that we can travel anywhere again.

I just had my neuro follow up this week and the damage/inflammation to my spinal cord looks better. My doctor doesn't want to get too optimistic since I guess MRI's are very subjective but she can say without a doubt it is no longer getting worse. Thank God. That news in itself has taken so long to get that I was losing hope there for a little while. She also said my spinal cord looks good and she can see the fibers. So there is still a lot of hope that my therapy can retrain my spinal cord to move my legs again one day.

I am happy spring has sprung, the kids are healthy, Miss Maple is still kicking, and Dave is gainfully employed.