Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lee's movie

I am posting a movie I made for Lee of some of his pictures. He got a camera for xmas and likes to take a ton of pictures that I upload every 300 or so....yes he takes that many. This movie gives you some insight into what he is doing with his camera.


Louise/Granny said...

Well, granddad and I are certainly proud of our grandson's photography ability.

We give his production 4 stars. His production assistant, mom, also deserves some "rave reviews" for her assistance in this little movie short.

Can an Oscar be in their future?

Glad he's still enjoying his camera!

lisa said...

That is totally awesome! I love it! The kids liked it...they said, "Whose dinosaur?" So cute.

jessicalanejordan said...

Loved Jurasic Park IV, great idea!

enenzee said...

The Lauer Terrace Zeitlin's loved the film- great job, Lee!