Monday, September 17, 2007

Delay in surgery

Yep they called of the sinus surgery due to my crappy lungs. I can't say I am disappointed I was dreading the surgery and recovery time. Since the cancellation I have spent 2 full days with doctors, nurses, technicians and I still don't have the final say on my lungs. I did get all my pulmonary function tests done today at the hospital so we have progress. Now I just need the pulmonologist to clear me to have surgery. I am hoping that my infection will clear up by then and I will be done with the whole shabang!

We had wonderful weather here in DC so Dave and I spent the time doing stuff outside with the house and kids. We spent the night down at my mom's and Dave and I got to go out. We also saw Dave's grandmother who is in town for her 85th birthday. The kids are very excited to celebrate her birthday next weekend. I think they are itching for some cake. But I must admit I have created party hounds. They love the balloons, cake, decorations, and even making the invitations.

Once I get this infection taken care of I should be able to enjoy a nice relaxing fall. The next PET isn't until so November so I hopefully I can get a break from the whole cancer sickness routine all together.

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Jessica said...

Hi Heather, it seems just like yesterday we were in AZ swimming with the kids. I think about you all the time and am so glad I got to see you and your beautiful children. Best of luck with everything. If you make it back to AZ let me know. Would love to meet you there! Maybe next time the Diamondback office will be open :)