Sunday, July 6, 2008

So this symbol totally sums up my past week's experience and life for the foreseeable future. Let me just say camping in the remote wilderness is not a good idea if you have neurological issues.

My trip to AZ caused my existing scars to flare up and I was falling and almost unable to walk without assistance. I ended up in the local hospital for a 2 day stay to confirm that it was just a flare up of my existing condition, given some meds, and released in time to fly home. Thank god my sister was on the trip with us - she took care of the kids, me, and rearranged her flight to help me on the plane.

What is next? I have to see my doctor this week and get some more drugs - fun fun since of course it is steroids. I HATE steroids!!!!! I need to find a permanent caregiver for the kids in our house since I can't drive right now or keep up with Alex. We need to get the house up to speed with more handrails and stuff....navigating the stairs is dangerous.

My life is totally upside down right now and my head spins when I try to figure it all out. Balancing my health issues, taking care of the kids, and making sure Dave stays gainfully employed is stressful to say the least.

I am bummed out the most that my independence is gone and that I am unable to care for my own children. I need some time to snap out of this rut but I am sure I will bounce back soon. I just need to remind myself that although my life is different it is still life after all.


Anonymous said...

God of wholeness, God of Healing, envelope me with wholeness and well-being.

Heal me in body and soul. Let all the elements of my body work together in perfect symmetry and in peaceful harmony.

Remove every trace of illness, every hint of infirmity; send the healing which You alone can bring.

Heather, maybe this little prayer will help.

We love you, we are here for you!

jessicalanejordan said...

Heather, you are right, that is just too much for one normal person to deal with. Thankfully, what we have learned through this whole thing is that you are no ordinary soul. You have the strength of 10,000 women. Your spirit will heal soon, and we PRAY PRAY PRAY that your body will as well. We thank God for no cancer and we pray that the remnants of the treatments will fade so that you can get your mobility back. In the meantime, we pray for patience, hope, and happiness for your whole family. We love you so much. ~ The Jordans PS: Tell Aunt Michele that she is amazing and we love her tons too. We are SO glad she was in Arizona and able to help fly home.

Natalia said...

Oh Heather, it is hard to be alive and not be able to fully enjoy it :( I can only pray that it's going to improve and that you'll gain quality of life back -- miracle do happen, and you are the biggest proof -- you are CANCER FREE!