Monday, November 5, 2007

The kids had their baptism on Sunday. Everything was lovely and I am so happy we decided to do this for them. Lee has always had a special relationship with god and is very spiritual for a 5 year old. Charlotte was along for the ride and helped me make a cake to celebrate. Alex by far needs some divine assistance. I think he will be sending us to the emergency room with broken bones and such. He insists on keeping up with the big kids even though he is a little tyke. This morning Lee and Charlotte were playing with their star wars light swords and he insisted on playing too. He can barely even hold it but figured out how to whack his sister upside the head. I turned my back on him for a split second to put up a gate so he wouldn't tumble down the stairs and he managed to head plant into the coffee table. I think I just need to remove the thing until he gets older.

I had a great weekend and am enjoying the kids. I am just taking it one day at a time, getting healthy, and hanging out with family. The next PET scan is looming and I always get more kid clingy as a response. I need to think of these tests as friendly reminder to keep my priorities straight in life. Let go of all the bull shit and enjoy what matters most.

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