Monday, January 7, 2008


We had a great holiday with the family. We spent Christmas locally with my mom and Dave's parents. Then we went to AZ to visit my dad and family for the New Year, Lee's birthday, and the WVU game. The weather was awesome in AZ and the kids didn't want to come home.

Physically I am doing well. I am still on my steroids and have a chipmunk face to prove it. I have some doctor appointments this week to get rid of the tubes in my ears and follow up on my lung situation. I need to get off of these steroids and reclaim my face and body!

All in all I guess these are good things to be worried about and nothing compared to the big C.

I am posting some pictures of the little z's. Lee is getting so tall and skinny. Charlotte got taller but doesn't seem to put on any weight. We actually weigh her all the time because she wants desperately to move into a booster seat in the car. Her doc says not until she is 40lbs.....she only weighs 35. Poor girl. Alex is getting bigger and will probably catch up to Charlotte soon. He is getting more vocal but barely saying words. I think I heard him say more today.

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Anonymous said...

She is just petite and adorable...from an unbiased perspective, of course. Alex looks a little skeptical in the photo...or was he just thinking about the next bit of mischief he could get into? When I think back to last year this is a very good place to be indeed! Can't wait to see Dave this weekend....tell him I will pick him up at the airport...unless I am at the hospital! John has his driving permit back so it may be him at the which out! Love, Aunt Joyce