Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I have been visiting my local doctors a lot lately and it is weird to see them and give them the past year in a quick update. My medical history is getting way to long. It is nice however to say my last scan showed I was cancer free.

I have my next PET scan scheduled for Friday, August 17. This scan will be about 7 months post transplant and 3 months post radiation. It will be nice to get another clean scan and a break from Hopkins. I couldn't have asked for better doctors, nurses, and care but I just want a nice long break from that place and any sickness.

I am feeling better. I just keep trucking with my oxygen and pills. People definitely stare at me in public. You would think after all the months I got stares with my mask and baldness I would be used to it - still not. I think it is my age that freak people out. It is like they don't want to see a mom my age sick. I guess the way I hate seeing the baby's and kids up at Hopkins.

Once more doc appointment this week then I am free and clear until next week.

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