Thursday, August 9, 2007

My bones

I had my Bone Densitometry yesterday. I thought I would pass with flying colors since I am a pretty good milk consumer. Well I guess I was wrong. According to the test I am Osteopenic. The tech who did the test said my gyno will be in touch to go over what we need to do about this. I did some reading last night on the web and I guess my results are very typical post transplant. However there are not a lot of studies or recommendations on what meds, if any, people like me should take. I guess a call up to Hopkins on this one wouldn't be a bad idea.

The one thing I can do is increase my calcium intake to 3 servings and get some exercise.....once I am clear of all these infections.

I need to go back an dig up the consent forms I signed pre transplant and radiation. At least then I can refresh my memory and be prepared for all these things that keep popping up. I am still thankful to have my clean scans. I guess I am just surprised at what a number the transplant and rads did to my body. When your doing the consents you will just sign anything to save your life. Now it's like I am out of this survival mode and I am going back and dealing with the residual. Still it is a better place to be in then fighting for life.

Next I need to get my eyes checked.....that probably won't be as straight forward as I assumed. Nothing is straightforward with my health anymore. Maybe I should just start ignoring this stuff and avoid the doctors. Ignorance can be bliss.

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