Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another week

The good news. Time is actually going by rather quickly in rehab. I was able to get into the pool and do some exercises this week. They put weights on my legs so I can actually stand. I am unable to stand on land - this is an issue with Lee. He just keeps asking if I will stand again and it breaks my heart to tell him no. I remind him I am still here so we are lucky.

My big goal before I leave is to go from the ground and then back into my wheelchair unassisted. It requires a ton of upper body strength. They simulated a fall on Friday but I fear the day it actually happens. They assure me it will happen so I just need to work through the fear.

More good news - we found a one level house in our neighborhood and in the kids school district. We hope to have out house on the market ASAP and move into the new place as soon as possible. This is going to require a ton of work on our part and anyone out there that is local and wants to pitch in we are ready to accept your offer! Dave will need whatever help we can get to pack up stuff.

Some minor bumps/bad news - my counts are dropping, I was sick Saturday, and the chemo side effects are setting in. I am back on the anti nausea meds and getting some drugs for mouth sores. Overall I just want to maintain my strength so I can learn as much as possible in rehab and go home. I am wondering however if my counts go much farther south how feasible rehab will be for me. Simply put being in the hospital setting with crappy counts is a bad mix. I have a conference with my doc and therapist tomorrow so hopefully we can sort this all out.

I do think the Avastin must be working if it is effecting me physically so it is not totally bad news that my counts are in the crapper. I just keep praying that the progression has stopped and I only have to worry about being a paraplegic. I see the people in this place that are quads and I am amazed at what they accomplish.....I just can't imagine how hard it is to overcome.


kristen said...

Heather! I'm actually moving this week/weekend too- so weird. Will you let me know if I can help out with anything next week? Like UNpacking boxes/organizing/anything else? I'm so happy you found a house so close!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,
I spoke to Louise last night and she filled me in on your progress and the great news that you and David have sound a rancher close by your old house. I keep saying over and over again just how amazing you and David are and I can't even imagine what you are going through. Keep up the positive attitude you are an inspiration to all. If I can help in anyway I will be glad to. I will get in touch with Louise and she where I can be of help. Take care of yourself. Jane O.

jessicalanejordan said...

Hey cuz. Miss you. We are super excited about your new house. The old house definitely would be hard ..l although it was just so cozy, it will be sad to say goodbye. How is the back yard in the new house? I hope it is fun for the kids. Your backyard now is so cool. I am glad rehab is going by fast and even more glad you are thinking that the Avastan is doing its job. We will keep praying it works. If so, it is amazing. You are amazing. God is amazing. Love the updates, it makes me feel a bit closer. I wish so much I could be there to help. You know me, I love to clean and organize ... I would help you move in a heartbeat. At least my mom should be able to come help for a couple days. Luv ya, Jess