Saturday, September 6, 2008

My temporary home - rehab

I am settled into my rehabilitation center in DC. I was transferred late in the day Thursday and arrived a bit rattled and scared but mom saved the day and talked me down. I have a semi private room next the the window with no roomie just yet but I am sure that will change.

The doctors, occupational therapist, and physical therapist evaluated me yesterday and got a baseline down for the record. This should help us see if there is any improvement or deterioration.

I will essentially be doing 3 hours a day of therapy in addition to my hourly morning and nighttime routines. It seriously takes me an hour to bath, use the restroom, and get dressed. It is part time therapy on Saturday and Sundays we get off. The facility of course is very accessible and kid friendly. They allow all the little z's in my room and just about everywhere on campus. The three of them came to visit last night and stirred up the place.

They have excellent resources for getting a better wheelchair, hand controls in my car, assist with metro access rides, and will do whatever they can to help me get disability. Insurance has approved a 14 day stay so we will see what I can get done it that time. I just want my independence back.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. I am still praying that my hands don't get paralyzed. I am off my high does steroids so it always freaks me out what can happen. Just need to continue
to think positive.

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Duane said...

So glad to see you're getting great care there, Heather.

I and so many others are pulling for you. :)

Sending lots of love.