Sunday, February 18, 2007

Day +33

My gosh how the days just keep adding up and how I await some good counts. I have most definately enjoyed my weekend away from the joint. Nothing better than some freedom to refresh my soul. The kids are home from Granny & Grandads's and I got to play with them, read to them, eat with is amazing how the most simplistic things in this world give me so much joy. I just love being their mother, providing for them, and nurturing them.

I have been on an emotional roller coaster since I have arrived home. I guess I over simplified how easy or shall I say how hard coming home would be. It is great to be home but it is also a reminder of what I have at stake in all this treatment mess. It is a reminder of how sick I am when I can't provide for my own family. The hospital was kind of a coccoon from all of those reminders. Weird.

However after some good long talks with Dave, Mom, Michele, and Dad I am back to living in the moment; just for the day. It is what god tries to teach all of us and I must say it is the most difficult lesson in the world. So today is a great day. I am alive, I am home, I am beating this f*&ck*&* cancer, I got to be with my kids, be with Dave, and mom is coming over with dinner tonight. Also some great advice from Dad - get off my butt, out of this house, and get some fresh air. I have been doing just that and it is doing wonders for my spirit. Nothing worse than sitting around a house getting depressed.

As for my physical state I have no idea what my counts are but I feel good. I am getting thin since eating is a big old pain in the butt. Nothing tastes right, I am on a low sodium diet (Aunt Linda I need recipes), and wichever way my digetstive system is running (or not running) it's tricky eating. Waffels have seemed to be a big winner this weekend.

Tommorow brings a cat scan and day at the hospital but I am up for it. It's a good day!

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Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon Heather! Glad to hear that you are taking good care of yourself and that you had such a good weekend. We had Uncle Ron, Lynn & Jillian here. Jillian played a flute solo with her hs symphonic band at All Northwest. A big honor for the band to get invited and a special honor for her to have a solo. Uncle Ron was bursting his buttons. Imagine the youngest Coons cousin is graduating from high school this June. I am so glad to read your upbeat message. One day at a time is not a bad motto for all of us. Savor the moment so to speak. You are amazing...hugs to the little z's, they beat chicken soup as a remedy to what ails you! And they are such smart kids to have chosen you for their mom. xoxo Joyce