Saturday, March 3, 2007

Maple - our first baby

Okay - last but not least Maple Lee Smith (yes she didn't feel the need to change her last name) is getting her due respect on the blog.
I got her while living in Atlanta. I answered an ad in the paper and arrived at a strangers house only to be greeted by a sea of fluffy puppies. Maple lived the high life in Atlanta with runs, walks, daily visits to the park, hiking, and camping. Then Dave and I got married, the kids came and the rest is history. Although we haven't been able to shower her with the attention she deserves she is still the best and we think cutest dog in the world. Since I have been home she is getting her daily walks again and looks better than ever.

Gotta love the mutt!


Anonymous said...

Go Maple! Finally some real attention on the Blog. More importantly, if she is getting you out for daily walk then both of you are better off AND she is doing her job to help you beat the Big C. And you are gotta love her....or she won't move off the landing to let you in or out of the door! I learned that day one. Change diapers regularly and make friends with Maple... and life if good at the Zeitlin house. Hugs. Joyce

Anonymous said...


I am just busy making an enormous pot of real Jewish Chicken Soup!

As it is supposed to be the best "medecine" I wonder how I could send you some from the U.K.?!

You are never out of my thoughts!!(Even when I'm cooking)

Love to see all the photos you post!

Much love, Aunt Edna

Anonymous said...

Hi, Loved the pictures of the children,Alex looks just gorgeous. Also really good to see Maple, the first dog our children ever really got to know and who they remember fondly, she did them a big favour in learning to like dogs.
Do the hospitals give you any help in cooking and preparing the food for all these diets? Keeping up with them sounds like a fulltime occupation, but I guess as long as it's not hospital food, (and they let you have solids) it tastes better.
Enjoy the breaks they let you take and hope you can get out and about; it's springlike here and hope it is with you.
lots of love and to all the family, Bridget, Steven, Ben, Oliver and Freddie

Dan Z said...
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Dan Z said...

It's about time! Maple has been one of my great loves (next to my very own Bootzie dog, of course).
Maple and I first became acquainted when she joined me, uninvited, under the covers while I was visiting Dave in Atlanta. Maple was a mere pup then. She has not lost the sweet disposition she exhibited then.
We are always excited to see each other.
Dan Z