Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day +9

My white counts and platelets dropped again. The doctor yesterday said I should expect the numbers to go under 50 again. He said the test isn't very accurate when the number gets low. If they had run the test 5 times yesterday they would have gotten 5 different results.
Hopefully they will begin to jump up soon. My doctor is only attending for one more week and he thinks we will be leaving around the same time; I sure hope so!

I had another platelet transfusion at 3 AM and broke out with hives. What a lovely start to the day. Had a headache and had to beg for Tylenol. They only want to give out oxycodone (sp?) here but that stuff makes me drowsy. Such a big ordeal for just a headache.

My mouth still sucks and I am living on yogurt and oatmeal.

My dad and stepmom leave tomorrow and then Louise is coming to help take care of the kids. After that my friend Michele helped us find someone to do kid duty on M/W/F. We just need to come up with T/TH. If not I think Dave will just have to go in late those days.

All for now.

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